Anthony Profeta Discusses The Buddha’s Metta (Lovingkindness) Sutta

Metta Loving kindness Buddha

“Love One Another” or “Love All, Serve All” is spiritual advice which has been expressed by great teachers throughout history. But, not many have gone further. There aren’t many teachers who have showed us how to actually do that. Therefore, in Anthony’s Elephant Journal article he directs us to a teacher who does show us…

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Anthony Profeta Article in Elephant Journal (inspired by my time with Jack Kornfield)

Mindfulness Meditate

A couple of month’s ago, I had the great pleasure of spending some time with someone who, through his numerous books & teachings, has been a great mentor on my meditative journey – Meditation Teacher, Jack Kornfield. I was very inspired by our time together and ended up writing an…

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Election Have You Stressed? Mindfulness Meditation Can Help!

Election Stress

Are you dealing with election stress? Then check out this article from the Huffington Post and writer Dawn Gluskin on how Mindfulness/Meditation can help. I was honored to be asked about meditation and featured in this article. ~ Anthony Profeta Practicing Mindfulness to Reduce Stress During & After the Election…

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Concentration: Its’ Power & Importance To Meditation

Many meditators do not realize the value of concentration to the practice of meditation. But, the truth is, concentration is highly important. In fact, most methods are exercises aimed at building up and strengthing the ability of the mind to concentrate and focus. The strengthening of concentration cultivates the ability to put the mind where we want it, when we want it there, for as long as we want it there. And what happens when we build up this ability is the mental chatter of our mind begins to subside, stress & anxiety lessen because the mind isn’t running off to past and future as frequently and when it does we aren’t as attached to those thoughts, and through concentration we gain insight into the truth of our being or nature.

The Buddha said,

“If there is no right concentration, then the basis for knowledge and vision of things as they really are is destroyed.”

You can learn more about this in the video below:

The BEST Meditation Technique For You

So, your looking for the best meditation technique?

I’m sorry to say that unfortunately, there isn’t one technique which is best for everyone. We all have different likes, dispositions, and we all enjoy doing different activities. Therefore, you’re job is to find the meditation method best suited to your personality.

You may have to take a few classes, go to workshops, go on retreats, or watch some video on different meditation practices. Then work with them until you find the one that feels right to you. Doing this will help you cultivate a long-term practice, which is the only way to reap the rewards of meditation.

Please check out the video below in order to learn more about this topic.

Good luck with your practice. And may all your days be filled with an abundance of love, happiness, & peace! ~ Anthony Profeta


Guided Breath Awareness Meditation

We are happy to announce Anthony’s first meditation CD — GUIDED MEDITATIONS: Awaken to Happiness, Healing, & Peace — was released last week and is now available through iTunes, Amazon, CD Baby and many more outlets.

You can check out the first track GUIDED BREATH MEDITATION below.

Hope you enjoy!

Breath Awareness Meditation


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METTA MEDITATION: What it is & how to perform it.

Compassion Altruistic love

“Metta” is a Pali word that doesn’t have a direct English equivalent, but is often translated as “loving-kindness”. The cultivation of “loving-kindness” (metta bhanvava)  is a popular form of Buddhist meditation. It was taught by the Buddha as a way to cultivate altruistic love; i.e. love without attachment. The cultivation…

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Meditation Teaches Us To Respond To Life Rather Than React

Anthony Profeta Meditation Teacher

Unless we are living a very ‪mindful existence much of our days are lived out through habitual reactions. Over time we’ve been conditioned to react, either positively or negatively, to certain stimuli. And very often these responses are not always in the most wise or positive manner. What the consistent practice…

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MEDITATION‬: A Health Perspective

Meditation, Meditate, Mindfulness, Florida Meditation, Group Meditation, Why We Should Meditate, Meditation and health, Meditation and stress, Health Meditation

Not long ago, a medical doctor would’ve been called a “quack” by prescribing meditation to his patients. But, don’t be surprised if today your doctor says: “Have you considered meditation?”; because everyday more & more doctors & medical professionals are awakening to the benefit of this thousand year old practice.…

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