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‘Happiness, Truth, Health, Peace, God, etc… are not found in anything external from us. These things are accessible to all in the innermost chamber of our hearts & minds. Everything comes from within!” ~ Anthony Profeta

The journey from medical student to meditation teacher.

I used to seek happiness outside of myself. “Just one more” was the promise I made.  After receiving “just one more” possession or accolade, then I could be happy.

Maybe you can relate?

From the outside looking in, I had it all. I was on my way to becoming a medical doctor, had just bought a nice house in a New Jersey suburb, and was fortunate enough to buy myself all the best designer fashions, jewelry, and cars my heart desired.

But, it soon became apparent that something big was missing. I became infiltrated by a restlessness and void that could not be filled.

Back in 2009, my father got sick while I was still in medical school. Rather than putting him up in a nursing home, my mother had a hospital bed brought into our home, where she cared for him for the next 8 months, until his passing.

During this time, I became more contemplative asking, “What is life?” “What is death?” “Why am I here?” “What is my purpose?”

While a deeply sad time, it also gifted us a hidden blessing. During those 8 months, I witnessed an endless well of unconditional love being displayed by my entire family.  We had always been a loving bunch, but I had never been quite so hyper-aware of the depths of human love until that moment. For the first time, I realized this truth at a profoundly deep level: Love is our purpose.

This realization sent me out on a deep soul-searching spiritual journey.

I’ve always been a spiritual person. In fact, I recall my 5-year-old-self telling everyone that I would be a priest one day. (Back then, my idea of fun was having them sit down on the couch while I performed mass and gave them chips and grape juice as the Eucharist and wine. LOL!) But by the time I got to college, I had started to question a lot of things. Was I supposed to believe something just because somebody else told me it was true? My intellectual mind didn’t think so.

Was I supposed to believe something just because somebody else told me it was true? My intellectual mind didn’t think so.

After visiting monasteries and meditation centers around the world and immersing myself in all of the ancient religious scriptures and texts that I could get my hands on, I noticed an underlying thread of love and compassion in all the teaching.  Further, all the mystical writings declare: “God is available to us now in a direct and experiential way.” And, meditation is the way.

Thus, my 17 year-long (and counting) daily meditation practice was born. Through this journey, I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to study & learn in monasteries & meditation centers through the US, Nepal & India. I’ve learned from Tibetan Lamas, Buddhist monks, Yogis, Swami’s, a Japanese grandmaster, and some of the most well-respected US teachers in the field, such as Sharon Salzberg and Jack Kornfield, who’ve become my own biggest mentors.  My own destiny to become a teacher was obvious. And, so it is.

Coming from the medical field and through my own spiritual journey, I bring both science and mysticism to my teachings.  And am very thankful & grateful for this tremendous opportunity to bring forth a “new” healing modality that is always available to us all.

I currently teach classes throughout Florida with my home base being the Space Coast & Treasure Coast of Central Florida. And I look forward to soon taking my teachings and classes to your city. But, for now, if you are local or visiting the central east coast of Florida, I’d love to see you in class! (My schedule is available through my: Facebook page or my Meetup Page.)

You can also meditate with me at home via my Guided Meditation Album (available on Amazon, Itunes, and other on-line sites).

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May all your days be filled with an abundance of love, happiness & peace,

Anthony Profeta

Mindfulness Meditate Meditation Teachers

Anthony Profeta with Jack Kornfield

Anthony’s knowledge of meditation stems from 17+ years of intensive study in monasteries & meditation centers throughout the US, Nepal & India. And he has studied with such well-respected teachers as Jack Kornfield & Sharon Salzberg.

He offers private lessons & group lessons to both adults and children.

He also provides instruction at schools, businesses, & corporations.



Techniques Taught by Anthony Profeta:

  • Mindfulness/Insight Meditation (such as Zazen, Mindfulness)
  • Mantra Meditation
  • Visualization Meditation
  • Metta (Loving-Kindness) Meditation
  • Children’s Meditation Classes

Other Services:

Anthony Profeta Tibetan And Crystal Singing Bowls SOUND BATH

  •  Sound Bath: Healing Bowl Meditations
  • Group Meditations
  • Guided Meditations 
  • Guided Meditations with Tibetan & Crystal Bowls
  • Meditation Retreats
  • Sound Bath & Yoga Workshops
  • Mala Workshops
         In this workshop you will learn:Meditate, Mindfulness, Mantra, Mala Beads, Prayer Beards

    • About the history & symbolism of mala/prayer beads
    • The symbolism behind some of the traditional beads
    • How to use a mala in your meditation practice
    • Each person will create their own personal mala from a large selection of sacred beads & gemstones from around the world.Meditation Teacher, Mindfulness Teacher Florida, Meditate


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