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“The great psychotherapist, Carl Jung, once said, ‘the person who looks outside, dreams; but the person who looks inside, awakens.’  Meditation is so important because it’s a practice which awakens us to our True Self. For, meditation is a technique which helps us to ‘Know Thyself’ & befriend our self; because it teaches us how to observe what’s really going on within our hearts & minds.”

                                                                 ~ Anthony Profeta


Anthony Profeta introduction to meditation.My name is Anthony Profeta, Meditation Teacher, from Vero Beach, Florida.

Each & every individual is searching for happiness, peace, love, etc… The inner yearning for these things does not limit itself to those of a particular race, gender, color, creed, or age. The problem is that most of us go looking for these qualities in things that are external from us (people, places, & things).

However, if we’ve been paying attention, we’ve probably learned by now that the happiness, peace, love found in external things is fleeting. It lasts for a moment, and then we are off looking for the next thing we think will bring us what it is we seek. And so, until we “wake-up” we are caught in an endless cycle.

We need to turn our searching fro outward to inward. True & lasting happiness, peace, love, etc… are all found within us. They are innate qualities of our true nature. And until we recognize these things as qualities of our Inner Self/True Essence, we will never be fulfilled. Only once we come to the direct experience of these things within us, will our lives be transformed.

Now, meditation connects us to that true happiness; that peace which is beyond all understanding; and that unconditional eternal love; because meditation is all about the inner journey. It’s a way for us to truly come to “Know Thyself”, and thereby discover who & what we really are. But, it also leads to greater happiness & well-being by helping us to de-stress naturally.

But, whether you are interested in meditation for physical reasons, mental/emotional reasons,  or spiritual reasons; whether you are just curious about meditation, new to the practice, recently begun working with a technique, or a master meditator who’s been practicing for years; my hope is to make this site useful for everyone.

I can personally attest to the profound impact meditation has had on my life, and that was my motivating factor in becoming a teacher. I wanted to help guide others to discover these wonderful benefits of meditation for themselves. And over the years, I’ve heard from so many of my students how much the practice has helped them that my sole intention is to bring meditation, and its amazing benefits, to as many people as possible.

I firmly believe that there is no better practice we can undertake for our own transformation. And if more people around the world would start meditating – not only would we reduce the amount of stress-related health issues, but the world would become a better, happier, & more peaceful place!

Now, in addition to my own meditation blog posts & events, you will also find a section of articles from well-known meditation teachers, as well as, a section of scientific research & medical studies on meditation.

A tremendous amount of research has been, and still is being, conducted on the practice, and the results are confirming what ancient teachers & practitioners have known all along – MEDITATION HAS AN UNMATCHED ABILITY TO BRING POSITIVE BENEFITS & CHANGES TO OUR BODY, MIND, & SPIRIT.

So, let me just end by saying, whether you learn from me; another teacher; or just try to go it alone by studying the art through books & videos — the fact that you are beginning this journey is what counts. You should be applauded for your efforts, and I don’t mean that lightly. Anytime someone takes steps towards self-discovery, improving their lives, & mindful living, it’s a big deal. So, I wish you the best of luck on this journey & offer my assistance to you whenever, and however, it is needed.

There will come a time when you may want to seek out a teacher. And I encourage you to eventually do that because sometimes confusing things can happen as you are progressing in your meditations, and it will be both useful & beneficial to have someone you can turn to for advice during these times. But, until then, please enjoy this site and take your time checking it out.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to leave a comment or contact me directly using the contact form. I will get back to you as soon as possible.

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May your days always be filled with an abundance of love, happiness, & peace!

                                                                                           ~ Anthony Profeta




“The first thing we notice when we begin a meditation practice is just how scattered & chaotic the mind Anthony Profeta Learn meditation. Florida Meditation teacher.really is. It doesn’t stay focused on anything very long. And when we try to focus or concentrate the mind, we discover that very quickly it is drawn off by thoughts about the past or the future. It seems the mind just doesn’t like to stay present!

This is due to the fact that for the majority of our lives we’ve given our mind free-reign. It’s had the ability to roam wherever it wants, whenever it wants. And so, meditation is a practice which helps us to regain control of our minds. It is a technique which trains the mind. And with time it builds mental concentration so that the mind learns how to stay more centered and present.

This focused or concentrated mind is what many traditions call a “single-pointed mind”. It’s a mind that is able to stay with the object of meditation without wavering. Through our meditation practice we culitvate the ability to put the mind where we want it, when we want it there, for as long as we want it there. And this is a very powerful ability. In fact, once we can do this, rather than the mind being the master of us, we become the master of our mind.” ~ Anthony Profeta

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